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Throughput Alert


How do we create Alerts for Throughput for Business Transaction? We have baseline set but i would like to get alerts based on Throughput coz there is nothing to define a threshold in Baseline for throughput.

Kindly suggest.



Hello Taneshaa,

I guess you can use the 'Threshold Violations' Count metric which represents the number of threshold violations for the specified measure.



Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

I believe I've seen this asked in the past and I do not believe it is possible at the moment. For the baselines only failure rate and response time (and response time slowest 10%) have an alert that can be activated for them. The throughput baseline was only meant to be informational, though I would see how this may be useful so it might be a good RFE / idea to post (not sure if one already exists somewhere out there).

If you do not need that calculated baseline to be used, one option that exists for simply counting the number of PurePaths matching a given business transaction is to use the response time measure of the business transaction but with the aggregation 'count' since count actually is the number of PurePaths going into that business transaction. You can set a threshold on this measure that will be for the count (despite showing as ms in the configuration) and base incidents off of that.