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Tibco problem


Hi all,

I'm trying to instrument one Tibco application:

I've 2 system profiles:

1.- Front end layer with one APACHE and one JBOSS

2.- Service layer with one Apache as a reverse proxy and the TIBCO (Business Works)

In the first System profile i see all the pure paths but I see the TIBCO BW as a external system and I don't see the details in the pure path. I only see the call to the apache reverse proxy and one POST http call to the TIBCO (http://s_tibco:9098/soa/service/...)

It seems the TIBCO is receiving the call with a protocol/class/something that is not recognised by dynatrace...

But if we put a custom sensor with "active and start pure path" in the TIBCO BW for a service class i see the pure path in the Tibco System Profile but not as a part of the original pure path. So, two questions:

- Why is TIBCO BW not instrumenting the calls?

- With a custom sensor, why I don't see the calls as node's within the original pure path?



Dynatrace Organizer
Dynatrace Organizer

What version of Tibco BW are you using?

I'm currently out of the office and will be back as soon as possible.Thanks for your patience.

Hi Jeff,

the version is 2.3.2

Regards, Josep Maria

FYI - BusinessWorks 5.9 is End of Life from Tibco on 31-Oct-2017. Pretty certain 2.3.2 was EOL'ed long before that.


we do not need any customer sensor for http calls. Servlet sensor should capture it.

could please please confirm if tibco BW is up and connected to DT server?

Hi, Aftab,

yes the agent from TIBCO BW is up and connected, and in their System Profile I view some pure paths.

Regards, Josep Maria

is it possible that reverse proxy is not sending http header? can u check and confirm.

can u also check if tibco messaging sensor /servlet is deployed in BW[ u can double check it in agent overview].

if possible please invoke tibco BW service directly using jmeter/or tools and see if you can see purepath. this will help isolating if problem is with tibco BW oe apache proxy?

Thanks Aftab,

I will try it as soon as possible.


Hi Aftab,

1.- How can I confirm if the reverse proxy is sending the HTTP Header?

2.- Yes, the servlet sensor is deployed

3.- Invoking directly the TIBCO BW service without reverse proxy I don't see any pure path.

Regards and thanks for your time!

1- U can capture all header in servlet sensor properties in proxy agent group

3- since u are not seeing purepath even with direct call, we should first look into this and fix it. you probably need to take CPU sample in BW agent and check how service call is being process.

I have worked on BW 5.x so I do not know how BW2.x work but using basic step to create custom sensor and start purepath should fix your issue.

Hi Aftab,

3.- but with a custom sensor starting the pure path Dynatrace was not able to link this Tibco pure path with the starting pure path in the other side, rigth?


Hi Aftab,

more information about the issue: I we put one custom sensor with "Active and start pure paths" in, for example, the onMessage method on the class


I see the complete pure path but not linked with the original.

Maybe the request to TIBCO from the reverse proxy is intercepted first by another process in TIBCO not instrumented? Maybe EMS?

Thanks a lot!

Hi Aftab,

and sorry for the number of messages 😞 Also my customer has TIBCO Active Matrix managing all their TIBCO installation...

Regards, Josep Maria

Ps: As you can see, my understanding of TIBCO is not so good!

Hi Aftab,

another TIP, with a CPU sampling I see the method service from coyoteAdapter handling the incomming requests in the TIBCO Java Process: