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Time spent on page


Hi All,

I've been asked if we can get "user think time" for certain pages. Is this possible? Could the client implement the JavaScript SDK in some way to get this metric?


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

You are right - the only option would be to use our JavaScript ADK

Alright, so say each page had a js timer, which sent an end event when a user clicked on a new link on the page.

Would this work seamlessly? In my mind, this depends on whether the dT javascript agent sends all the events as a package or if they are sent as they are received. This would be because if I just left the site at any time while the js agent was waiting for that timer's end event, it wouldn't send up the page action details for that page, and hence wouldn't have the "exit page" status for the visit. Is this correct?

Is my (really rudimentary) understanding correct? Would this essentially 'break' our tracking of a customer's exit page (or anything else) in certain cases?

Hi Richard,

I have heard a while ago a similar request for user think time. Actually we do not calculated as originally stated but for getting it with the JavaScript ADK working you have to know that on the pages where you use the ADK you lose the automatic timings we normally generate! Still interested?

Cheers Klaus


I have someone else asking for this now, any speculation/comments?

We are thinking about it! (smile)