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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Toggling between two dashboards


Hi Team,

When we opened dynatrace client in kiosk mode all the dashboards that are present are getting displayed with the interval we have specified. But the problem is we want just two dashboards to be toggled with the interval we have given. can anyone tell how to do this.




Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

The way kiosk mode works is any dashboards 'open' will rotate at the interval specified (default 10s). If you don't want certain dashboards to be displayed in the rotation then you can either switch out of full screen and manually close them and let rotation resume or close the dashboards you don't want to display and then close the client, the next time it starts only the dashboards you left open will be used in the rotation.


Thanks James. But the problem is it is also including default dashboards in rotation like End User experience etc., So how can I close that or exclude from rotation. @James K.

I'm only able to recreate that behavior by viewing the default monitoring dashboards while in kiosk mode. Make sure the default dashboard is not the active dashboard when closing the client before opening in kiosk mode, and don't view the default monitoring dashboards while it is rotating. I am testing in a newer version (7.0 EAP) so it may have been a bug from an older version if this doesn't resolve it.


how can I close that default end user experience dashboard and also monitoring dashboard? @Babar Q. @James K.

Any dashboards that show up under that 'monitoring' tab can't really be closed (by design). For any others you right click and close. You shouldn't need to close it, just make sure it's not focused on prior to closing the client and reopening it for kiosk mode (and don't focus on it again once the dashboards are rotating).

Hi Praveena,

Just close all the dashboards you don't want to display.

Hope this helps,