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Tomcat JVMs seem to have stopped reporting Tomcat metrics?


I'm not sure quite when this issue started, the developers only recently made me aware. We have a few dashboards that are setup to collect metrics specific to Tomcat under Measures > Server Side Performance > Tomcat (in this case specifically "Thread Pool Current Threads Busy")

At some point, these metrics stopped showing up in the dashboard. When I go into right-click > Dashlet Properties > Series > Add Measure > Server Side Performance > Tomcat, all of the measures appear as blank with no available Splitting Values. (normally you would at least see a list of the hostnames that were connected.) please take a look at the screenshot

Anyone know why these metrics became unavailable? It's almost like Dynatrace doesn't think they're Tomcat JVMs anymore?



Hello @Jeff K.

Please share the screenshot with us and also did you click on the 'Create Measure' inside the 'Add Measure' for the Server Side Performance > Tomcat to get all the 'Agent Based Measures'.



As you can see, the measure itself is already created (its one of the OOTB metrics) however it is not seeing any JVMs as splittable metrics.

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

From the sounds of it your JMX measure may need updating. I would look at editing the measure or creating a copy of it and look to see if it is using the proper configurations. The way I would check would be to browse the JMX measures and test it there.



I think you might be right, I just looked and saw that the JMX Sensor was disabled by someone. Unfortunately I have to wait to recycle 😞

Is this disabled from the configurations or was the sensor not placed? (First doesn't require an app reset the second would)

The sensor was not placed, I'm pretty sure a user with a high level of access removed the sensor thinking it would improve performance, hah.


Experiencing the same here. Some Tomcats are visible as splitings, but not other. Is this a version issue or something?