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Top X does not work as expected in Layer Breadown dashlet


Hello guys,

As the title suggest I'm trying to apply a filter to the Layer Breakdown dashlet to only show the Top 10 execution times by API.

I start by opening the Layer Breakdown dashlet as shown below:

As you can see, the MQSeries API (purple) is predominant in terms of average execution time. However, when we attempt to filter by the top 10:

The result is that the MQSeries API not shown, but is aggregated to the "Others" category along with other measures with the highest average execution time.

I've reproduced this with other applications as well, so this seems to be a problem with the layer breakdown chart. Is this a bug? Any ideas?


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Have you try to make the TOP X using the criterium SUM instead of Average?, the Layer show you the sum execution time, not the average execution time.

Let know us.

Hello David,

Thanks for your answer. By default it shows the sum, but the average can also be added by adding the column by right-clicking on the column headers. I have used the SUM as the criterium but it still does not display the top 10, it aggregates some other ones which would be in the top 10 into the Others category.

This is strange - the API breakdown dashlet lets you filter by top X, but the layer breakdown doesn't. The only difference I can see is that the Layer Breakdown gives you the data over time, whereas the API breakdown just gives one overall value for each API.

Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

I just tried this on my local 6.3 installation on a stored session and it works as expected. Which version are you on?

I tried this on a customer's 6.2.6 live environment.

I'm also on Dynatrace I just started EasyTravel and I'm seeing the same problem occuring.

I opened a Layer Breakdown dashlet and made sure I turned the aggregation to "Average" (even thought the problem occurs also with sum).

The previous image is a "before", and the following is after I turned on Top X for the 10 highest average values.

It should be showing Web Requests on top, but for some reason it combined it into Other.

I would open a ticket. I cant reproduce this in my enviornment

Ok, thanks Andreas. I'll try that.