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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Track Exceptions by Application


I have a request that seems pretty easy, but it's just not working. Trying to track exceptions by Application over time (or a total count). Just want to exclude 1 exception from being counted, so I created a measure for Exception count with unequal to. Only when I chart it, and compare it to the exceptions dashlet, filtered by application, it doesn't match. Sometimes it's close, other time's it's more than 50 off. Also tried the measure in a BT with same (undesired) results. any ideas?



Session file (just for 5mins) attached.easytravel-exception-tracking.dts


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hi Jason,

The exceptions dashlet shows exceptions which occur on the same purepath. For example, if you drill down from a read timed out exception to the purepath, you'll see the purepaths with read timed out exceptions (obviously). Now highlight one of those purepaths and drill back to the exceptions dashlet ... You'll notice that it shows all exceptions in that purepath - not just the read timed out exception.

Now, the good news: you don't need a business transaction for this. Just chart your filter measure and the counts match perfectly... Let's prove it.

The total number of exceptions in your session is 1682 and without the read timed out exceptions, it's 794.

Now, let's chart your filter measure split by application:

298 + 220 + 12 + 111 + 6 + 147 = 794

Hope this helps.

Adam Gardner