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Track multiple same button clicks per user


Hi All,

First time posting here but hopefully someone will be able to help.

We currently have an issue in our production infrastructure that potentially has been going on for a long time now, it was reported yesterday and i think i have identified the issue as being caused by the application receiving a break packet from the database.

The symptoms are as follows:

a customer successfully reaches the end of an application process and to finish they click a button on screen called "Complete Purchase", this button click (more often than not) results in a database exception being flagged (In the last 30 minutes we have had 11 exceptions, 9 due to the button click)

By reviewing the Visits data for those button clicks i can see that many of the users are having to click it more than once for the application to move on to the next stage, by looking at the response times i can see that this is also very high on the 1st and 2nd click (attribute to the database exceptions i suspect)

Would i would like help with is evidencing this behaviour and displaying to the business the impact it is having on a customer journey

Im relatively new to APM so only really know the basics of measurements and BT's, any help evidencing this behaviour would be greatly appreciated

Thank you



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

If you can guarantee that this exception is always correlated to this error (or find a way to do it - like filtering on some actions and PurePaths)

you can create a visit based BT that can count the number of affected users and the user experience index.

Let me know if that helps,

Hi Gabriel,

First thank you for your response, secondly, sorry for the delay in responding.

Im able to establish that this error is generated when a particular user action is tracked, but unfortunately the exception is raised for other issues aswell.

Do you have an example of a BT like this? if you have a screenshot i could use that to make mine possible

Also, any advise on measure when these exceptions are not raised when that button is clicked?

Hello Joe,

I would say that customer will be happy with such kind of end to end impact correlation & analysis.

evidencing this behaviour and displaying to the business the impact it is having on a customer journey

But to evidence the user you do not necessarily have to create BT for the failing uses case as pointed. If you wish to measure the impact by counting number of times the user faced this issue is simple by drilling down user visits to Errors dashlet and Look for the Database Exception area.

The exception count itself will give fair idea of impact.

Also, your next step will be to is to further drill it to purepath and see what is the caused of DB exception. (Usually seen in message part of exception).

Regards, Rajesh.


Hi @Rajesh S.,

I am already able to see the trail of exceptions and can determine that many of them are being triggered by that button click.

What i want to be able to do however is,

1. Evidence how many users are having to click the button more then once in their journey

2. Evidence how many users are not affected by this

3. show these via a dashboard which is automatically tracked and updated, without having to always do the analysis.