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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Traffic light configuration

We would like to implement monitoring using Traffic light on dashboard. I would like the Traffic light to turn red if the application pure path exceeds 500ms for duration of 5 mins. Right now i have the threshold configured for 500ms but i cant seem to get the 5 min duration added which i have incident rule created for 5min durtion. Its currently turning red when purepath exceeds 500ms and green when purepath goes below 500ms but i need it to stay green unless its > 500ms for atleast 5mins then turn red if its been 500ms longer than 5 mins.


DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

Hello Malik,

What is your incident aggregation?

If you select a timeframe of one minute and use a PurePath duration measure with an average aggregation as input for this incident rule, the average PurePath duration of the last minute is calculated and checked for violation every 10 seconds. Measures remain in memory for one hour.



Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

It sounds like an incident chart would be better for your needs. If you already have the incident created and working properly then simply adding this rule to the incident chart will get the behavior that you would like to see.

The standard traffic light chart style will change colors based on the aggregation and timeframe you have set for your chart when changing color, whereas the incident chart is based precisely on how the incident is configured.


I have the incident chart setup, I'm receiving emails for Alerts but the chart on the dashboard is not turning red. Is there a special type of configuration to get the incident chart to turn red on the dashboard?

Can you post a screenshot of the chart with the table also displayed as well as the details? Once the incident is added you shouldn't need to do anything else. You need to make sure it is the right incident rule, and then just make sure the incident itself is set to level "severe." Warning level will make it turn orange and informational will make it turn blue.

If there is an incident in the time frame you have configured in the chart window then the record will show up in that bottom table.