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Transaction Flow: show LDAP, SMPP and other binary protocols


We deal with a number of systems that communicate using binary protocols and would like them to show up in Transaction Flows and PurePaths. The main protocols we deal with are LDAP, SMPP and Diameter. In our test environments we have mock servers for these and I would like to include them in the information returned by Dynatrace.

For example we have a mock server in Java that listens to SMPP. It is deployed to a JVM with a Dynatrace agent and I have created a Sensor Rule for the method that is called on incoming SMPP requests. I made it active then ran Hot Sensor Placement. Here is a Transaction Flow:

I know that the components in the OCSG_NT agent group call our mock server and I would like those to show up in the Transaction Flow as well as the Oracle calls.

What else do I need to do?



Since these are binary/proprietary protocols you need to make sure the tags the dynatrace agent creates to trace transactions is carried over these protocols.

This can be done via our Tagging SDK but it requires source code change on your application side and also on the target application side. Using the tagging SDK involves putting the tag 'on the wire' of that protocol so that PPs can be correctly linked. Not every protocol might support adding additional data and in case of LDAP i think it might be tricky and not really providing lots of value to continue the PP on the LDAP server.

There is however a RFE (need to search for it) to define certain methods on the caller side as external calls so that you'll at least see the response timings for these and a 'external' service on the Transaction flow.

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I had an RFE that partially matches your specific use cases : RFE - Added transaction calls to Transaction Flow

The one Reinhard mentions that is more broad is here : Re: Transaction flow - external services for more protocols

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Hope that helps,

Rick B

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Dynatrace Guru

Just an FYI. Dynatrace 6.2 (Spring 2015) will provide the feature to mark custom sensors as "External Calls". it means that these method calls will be displayed as external tiers in the transaction flow