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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Transaction is not starting PurePath with IIB Agent uninstrumented



I have the following situation:
- When the Execution Group (IIB) from an application is Out-Of-License the rest of the flow doesn't appear in Dynatrace.

Looking at the Transaction Flow bellow the first tier is the IBM Integration Bus, the second tier uses the Java technology and starts with the Servlet API.

The Servlet API also starts PurePaths (configured in the Agent Group), so in my understanding when the IIB tier is not instrumented or Out-of-license I should be able to see the rest of the flow. Does anyone know if that should be the case?

What is happening is that in my production environment we don't have enough license for all execution groups, but I should be able to see the transaction get in with Java agent and it's not what is happening.



Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

You're right that the servlet sensors should start a PurePath regardless of if that first tier is not there. I've seen something similar where our web server agents' connections were funky resulting in us not seeing any transactions until resolved. My theory is that in both cases the agent is still 'running' and working on the transactions it sees but since in your case the agent is unlicensed and in my case the agents were not connected properly, the transaction tracking essentially ended there. This is just a theory though so I would love to hear an authoritative answer as well. I'm betting if you removed the agent from that first server the rest of the transaction would show up.


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

The explanation by James makes sense. Try removing the agent from the unlicensed tier and I suspect the rest of the purepath will then show up.

Well, it might make sense, but I face this scenario as a bug. Should not work like that.

The Websphere Message Broker Agent is installed for the whole broker, not for Execution Groups separately, so if the customer has not enough license for all execution group the rest of the flow that they do have license for will not show up?

Any way, I will test on development environment trying to remove the agent.

Thank you guys.