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Transaction persist speed single in batch

Dear all,

I have set up to caught a method which is persisting

batch of java objects into database. I set to capture value (argument) of that method so I know know how many objects is stored.

Then I created measure and add a business transaction over this measure.

My question is how can I create a chart where which will be showing execution time per single object persisted?

I havent found anywhere in documentation..




If you want times for every single object that is persisted, you have to find the method where the object is persisted and instrument it, the current instrumentation of persist will only give you the time for all objects.

Be aware of the overhead that could cause though.

That is the thing. We by defualt use astyanax driver and it provides method for persisting in batch (which is quikcer so I simply cannot use method where is done per single object, cause this is the botom level method.

Well if they are stored in batch in one Method there is no way to get the time for storing a single object, if that is not the way the transaction is executed.

You could calculate an avg. from the execution time and number of objects stored in a text and measure tile though.

Yes, that is exactly what I planned to do. Can you tell me how? I mean the exact calculation of the average time? Does this need a bussiness transaction?

Calculation, other den building a SUM, is not possible within a BT.

You can do calculation with measures on a text and measure tile in the webinterface though. Just add the two measures, then add a new variable where you perform the calculation. Example of a (nonsense) calculation:

Thanks! One more question, this will create only one result(value) or? I would like to have set of values which I can then put in the chart?

You are correct, the calculation is only done for the dashboard and not saved as a separate measure.

If you wan't to do calculation and visualization with the data you could either use a plugin to do calculation in a given interval and feed it back as a measure. Or you could export the data and do external calculation/visualization with e.g. elasticsearch/kibana. That might b ea bit overkill for just one specific value though.

Plugin sounds better, excuse my knowledge here, does exist some plugin repository, is this somehow license managed?

You can find a list of all appmon Plugins here. They are open source (Dynatrace BSD) and most are hosted on github, so you can take a look at the source code easily.

The plugins are free, no need to license them. You find plenty information about writing plugins in the documentation or on the dynatrace youtube channel.

Thank you for that!