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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Transactions per second


Is there a plug-in or in the dynatrace itself to add a dashlet showing the TPS for an Application Server like JBoss EAP or Web Container Tomcat.

I have tried to install grinder plug-in without luck, there seems to no install on my Dynatrace Server 6.1


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

You can simply chart the PurePath Count which is the same as Transaction Count.

To do that you add a new chart and add one of the PurePath Measures to it, e.g: PurePath Response Time. After the measure is on the chart you can change the Aggregation to "Count". now you get to see the number of PurePaths that are captured by dynatrace. You can also split this chart by Agent which means you now see Transactions / 10s (smallest aggregation available) per App Server


@Andreas G.

I have followed the above steps and am not able to reliably chart TPS for our web services. If I follow the above, the view does not change if I split the chart by Agent. It just says <all-agents> at the bottom of the chart. Also, if I try to filter on agents - the chart value (y axis) does not change.

Are there any limitations or existing bugs with the DT agent or client that would prevent this from working?

Currently running: Agent version: & Desktop client version:


Hello Bill,

I think it might be a case of trying to split a non-agent based measure. I would check the details of the web services measure that you are charting and make sure that the option to create a measure for each agent is selected. Once you do that and split by agent, it should show your split metrics going forward.


David Nicholls


Thank you David. You are right, the only splitting available when I select the PurePath Response Time measure is Application based. I missed that. Thanks for clarifying.