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Trouble using AppMon Agent on apache

Hello guys,

Lately I'm facing a problem when I switch to "AppMon Agent" over "Classic Agent" in one of our applications. this below are showed in the apache's errors log.

info [native] URL https://localhost:8043/communication
not working (Failed to connect to localhost port 8043: Connection refused)

info [native] Bootstrapping via https://localhost:8043/communication

info [native] Trying to flush async messages

info [native] ... last message repeated 1 time ...

warning [native] Bootstrapping failed: unable to perform request
using https://localhost:8043/communication:
Couldn't connect to server. Totaltime: 0.0003s, Uploadsize: 0b, Downloadsize:
0b, Connecttime: 0s

This is affecting the apache making the application running instable after some time. There's a way that I can ajust correctly these configurations to look to my collector correctly?



anyone have a clue about the problem above?