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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

TruClient metrics are not matching with UEM


We are using TruClient in LoadRunner 12.53 and UEM to measure the client-side and end-to-end metrics of react web application. However, following are the issues we are facing:

1. After load test is completed, if we compare the UEM metrics (visually complete time) with TruClient, it is NOT matching. It is not negligible difference, very high.

2. Another issue is, UEM captures only the first action e.g. if TruClient executed 4 iterations of "Checkout" button click. Only the first click's response is matching with UEM and TruClient, other 3 iterations' performance is in milliseconds in UEM.

We are skeptical about which tool metrics to consider.

Any inputs will be appreciated. Thanks!