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Two Databases on the same Host Connecting to two Appmon Servers? Is it allowed ?


hi All,

We have an existing Appmon server connected to Oracle DB and we are procuring another Appmon server for business reasons. Is it possible to connect the new Appmon server2 to the Different Database but hosted on the Same DB server thats is already connected to existing Appmon Server1. Please suggest us if its best practice to proceed with the above approach. From documentation it has been mentioned in issues Section that its allowed but we would like to double check if its best practice.




Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Sreedhar,

As far as I know this is a valid scenario. Two database instances hosted on the same database server can be Performance Warehouses to two different AppMon Servers.

The only concern here is to keep an eye on resource consumption as the database server hosting these 2 warehouses needs to have enough resources to allow both of them to work optimally.

Best regards,