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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Two instance of web application host in Transaction flow indicates what?


I am seeing two instance of web application hosted on IIS (Ref:dllhst3g.png)which is built on c#. This is a application which is configured on windows 8 server.

Additional Information-

  • Only sometimes I see the second instance after performance test execution.
  • The process health shows the process-dllhst3g[1] process terminated unexpectedly and when clicked on "Show Application Process" it displays processhealth.png

What is the second instance dllhst3g[1] mean?

Thanks & regards,



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Anantha,

Whenever an agent loses connectivity unexpectedly, when it reconnects, Dynatrace sees this as a new agent having the same name. Thus, to help keep track of both agents (it thinks the original one might still connect in the near future), the newest one will get an index attached to it (e.g. dllhst3g[1]).

So, in essence, you are looking at the same agent distributed between two instances. If you compare the data from the first instance with the one from the [1] instance, they should complete the picture.

This option can be disabled so that all agent instances keep the same name (without [1] added at the end) by adding a flag on the collector.ini file. However, you should first make sure that the process is unique per host, otherwise it can confuse things.

Hope this helps.



Thanks Radu.