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Type of intercepted call


We are currently interested in monitoring complex applications
involving several communication protocols, such as REST- or SOAP-based
web-service calls, event-based messaging over queuing systems, XMPP
interactions, etc. When monitoring a given interaction, we would like to
get a quick grasp of its type (e.g.: REST, SOAP, etc). However, in the
case of REST, in our pure path we only see that it is an HTTP-based
communication. There is no information showing that this HTTP-based
communication is actually a REST and not, for example, a SOAP call. Is
there any way to get hold of such information using Dynatrace?


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru


We have generic support for any HTTP Based Remoting calls - that includes "REST" and SOAP. If you use some of the Web Service Frameworks to make your SOAP calls that we support we will actually detectd them as WEb Service Calls and also show some additoinal details on Soap Method and Class. In your case you might not be using these frameworks so the only thing we show is the HTTP Request.

I have an idea though. You can capture the HTTP Header SOAPAction which I believe is standard for SOAP Calls. You can capture this on the Servlet, ASP.NET and Web Server Sensor. With that detail on the receiving side of the Web Service call you should be able to distinguish REST from SOAP calls