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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

UEM BT not shown in Monitoring dashboard



My customer has an application that in some stores is accessed only by Firefox Mobile. They would like to have the Monitoring breadcrumb pane to show this transactions on a separated BT.

I then created a BT using as Filter the client family "Firefox Mobile" and added such BT to the monitored business transactions.

However when I get to the pane, this BT is always greyed out an has no measures. Does this dashboard show only backend BTs? Is there a way for this BT to be shown and have its baselines also calculated?

Please see the attached image. As you can see the BT is collecting information, it is only not showing its results on the monitoring view.



Hi Igor,

Smart baselining requires a minimum set of transactions to produce a first baseline. To my knowledge you need at least 300 transactions within the displayed time frame to get a first baseline and with it, values for throughput, response time and failure rate.

Your second screenshot shows a time frame of 7 days while the first screenshot shows last 6 hours. Are you sure that you have more than 300 matching transactions within the last 6 hours? Please note that already existing transactions / PurePaths do not automatically match new business transactions, so you may have to wait for at least 6 hours.



I uderstand that. This Business Transactions has been active for almost a month now.

And they have a lot of throughput, this application is used enterprise wide in all its stores.

That is what is bugging me.