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UEM: Error 404 in POST HTTP request to dynatraceMonitor



We are trying to manually inject Javascript agent to get UEM in CRM Dynamics.

After injecting javascript agent into CRM, we can see requests to Dynatrace Monitor (we are using CORS setting because the instrumented web server is different from the one that has the agent), but these requests fail with a 404.

We have deactivated "automatic injection" in User Experience sensor, in order to not inject duplicated UEM javascript.

This is our actual configuration:

We have checked that we can reach that URL (Monitor Request Path) correctly, but this is the URL that CRM constructs:

POST /form/dynaTraceMonitor?app=Default%20Application

So, we have checked that URL too (adding "/form/ to Monitor Request Path), and it works.

I guess the problem is CRM tries to make POST requests by HTTPS.

Any idea how to solve it?



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Just to make sure:

  • Do you have an agent with UEM enabled on the host that you pointed the CORS to be set? (The IP that you have hidden in your "Monitor Request Path")
  • What is the output when you reach this http://"IP"/dynaTraceMonitor ?

Regarding the "form/" can't you just add "/form/" after your Monitor request path?


Hi Gabriel, and thanks for your help.

  • Yes, I have an instrumented Apache running in that host. I verified with a simple HTML page with the javascript agent injected, that we can see visits through this HTML.
  • I can't reach http://"IP"/dynatraceMonitor in a browser, nor http://"IP"/form/dynatraceMonitor (after adding "form" to the Monitor request path.


Did you used the capital 'T' on "dynaTraceMonitor" ?

If so, something is wrong and I guess the best path is to contact dynatrace support.


Hi Gabriel!

Wow, you were right.. it was the capital "T". Now I've checked that we can reach "http://"IP"/form/dynaTraceMonitor".

Despite of that, I see that CRM makes the POST request by HTTPS, and I think this is the problem... any clue?

Thank you so much!