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UEM Firewall aspects when upgrading to AppMon 7

Hi ,

Customer upgrade his AppMon server from version 6.5 to version 7 and UEM stoped working.

With the UEM health check we have found that the Firewall was blocking the version 7 JS agent because the name of it has changed a bit and it didn't mach the regex (actually reaping off the content) so we change the version of the JS inject to the HTML to 6.5 which helps and we where able to see the content of the JS with in the response but now the dynaTraceMonitor was blocked because it used new parameters that the Firewall was blocking.

Since the Firewall guys didn't want to change their rules to allow all parameters (*) to get in, only rollback to the previous 6.5 installation solved the problem.

The question is now from customer side is if there a list of all parameters that need to be "open" with in the Firewall definitions beside the information here: ?

Thanks in advance

Yos @Gil G. @Daniel B.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Yos,

these rules seem a bit extreme to me, but I understand of course your position and forwarded your input.

I also added the UEM health check to the migration guide final checks page so that others quickly find if they have similar problems.

Best regards,


Thanks Thomas!

Hi Thomas,

Do we need to open a ticket on that?


Hi Yos,

I haven't heard back yet myself. Yes, please open a ticket.

Best regards, Thomas

Hi Thomas,

Opened -