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UEM Heatmap rendering wrong


heatmap-ebanking-topleftonly.jpgFor some of our application, the heatmap.user.js is creating the heatmap in the top left corner only where there is no link located. There seems to be something going wrong with the coordinates or rendering in general.

I can see that some UEM user action data was loaded successfully for the current page from the ElasticSearch - in the blue log windows on bottom left corner.

What could be the reason? @Dominik Punz


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hello Sansar,

looking at your screenshot, the blue box in the bottom reveals that none of the 23 user actions that were found for this page could be matched to a specific DOM element on the page.

The way I implemented it was very simple by searching for <a> tags and <input> tags that have the corresponding name for the user action - see line 76.

In your case you might be using any other html elements (e.g. divs, etc...) and you'll have to adapt the script to your needs.

Best regards,