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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

UEM Injection and LoadBalancer



I am currently monitoring a customers application and making some troubleshooting we have found that not all the visists are being injected.

Under the UEM configuration I have 100% injection set for FrontUnico application and for the Default Application (in case some visits are not tagged to the correct application).

The applications is behind a Firewall and a Load Balancer, I have accessed the app in several different ways this is what we have:

From internal network, to VIP, NO INJECTION AT ALL

From internal network, to one of app servers, Injection is detected, POST do Monitor is 200, NO VISIT ON AppMon

In the above cases both requests go trhough the firewall.

When I make the request on a IP that I can avoid the firewall I can see everything succeed.

From one server on same network as App, to one of app servers, injectoin is detected, post is 200 OK, visit is presented in AppMon.

LoadBalancer is a Cisco ACE and Firewall is a CheckPoint.

First can the LoadBalancer prevent the agent from being injected?

Second, even though I can see the 200 OK on the monitor POST, can the Firewall in any way be preventing the data to get to Dynatrace?

Please let me know if you had similar issues with this.




You might want to double check that your load balancer or the firewall are not discarding the dtmonitor signal

Hello Igor, can you see x-dynatrace header in request headers?

Also look here and here.