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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

UEM Javascript errors on load


Anyone is familiar with how & from where dynatrace retrieves dtagent javascripts (especially the initCode one) that will then be used to inject into http page?

When opening every page that has dtagent javascript injected we can see below javascript runtime errors and there was no /dynaTraceMonitor request triggered after the page was opened. The dtagent just blew up after loading and did not send any data to the server.

By comparing the not working dtagent javascripts with the working ones in other environment (different dynatrace instance but same configuration), we found one auto-injected script is incompleted.

I manually modified the first injected script tag in chrome debug mode. After replacing the existing one with a working one got from other environments, no error pop up anymore and dtagent could talk with server without problem. So I'm assuming this is the problem.

In dynatrace agent log, we're seeing huge number of below errors.

2017-05-29 15:15:34 [57e738d9] debug [java ] [uem ] Error retrieving initCode for key initConfig_Default Application

Anyone has any idea on 1) how to investigate further or 2) how & from where dynatrace retrieves this inline script tag (initCode) and what config can possibly impact dynatrace generate/retrieve/inject this inline script tag?


Hello Will, It would be best if you open support case since there are lots of factors which might lead to this.

what config can possibly impact dynatrace generate/retrieve/inject this inline script tag

Can you check if you have checked the async injection on?

Regards, Rajesh.


Hi Rajesh,

No, async injection is off. Btw, we're using the latest agent ( + using an old collector (6.5.0.x but not, I guess), does it matter?

The version is oId. I would say, it would be better to upgrade the JS agent version to if possible. It has some fixes related to UEM. Regards, Rajesh.