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UEM Licensing for Gomez/Robots (visits counted or not)



In the Self Monitoring SP, I see different measures about visit counts. One of those is of interest to me, because a NewTest robot is taking a lot of visits from my license on a daily basis.

The Measure "UEM - Visits not considered for License (Synthetic Monitoring)" Indicates that synthetic robot calls are to be excluded from the license count.

How is it determined whether a client is a robot in this context?


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

It uses the user-agent header to determine whether it may be a bot or crawler. No need to worry about using visits with Dynatrace Synthetic tests as these will not consume visits from your license in any recent version if they have the gomez header.

For agents other than the Synthetic Gomez ones I am not 100% sure on this but I have seen in the Dynatrace forum that they use this database: to determine which user-agents are bots or crawlers, which is updated monthly and given that AppMon UEM and Dynatrace RUM are based on the same technology I bet they use that as well but would need some confirmation on that.

Dynatrace post:

I'm also not sure about whether those non-gomez bots may be consuming visits - they won't be for sure unless they are emulating browsers since that is required for the JavaScript agent to function but to be safe you can go into the user experience settings for your profile and explicitly restrict capturing for bots. I was under the impression that only Gomez visits are for sure not using the license.



Hi @James K.,

Thank you for your reply!

Indeed the NewTest bot is using a full browser emulation, including a javascript engine etc... I will contact the test-team, to see whether they can include a specific user-agent, because now it's trying to emulate a correct IE user-agent (hence I cannot filter based on that).