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UEM data sent back to the appserver in what format is it in?


When a user clicks on a UEM instrumented page the data of that action is sent back to the appserver where the DT agent is.   However, is that data sent in any encrypted fashion, or is it text, etc.  Could someone please tell me in what format is the data being sent.  In most cases the users requests are being sent over HTTPS.   I suspect that it would be protected in that protocols fashion.  On the other hand if it is HTTP is it text?   Thanks David


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Hi Dave

You are correct when you say that the data will be sent encrypted when using HTTPS as our JavaScript agent will also use HTTPS to send the data back. As for the plain text format. The easiest way to explore the data we send is to use a browser diagnostics tool such as FireBug or maybe a proxy tool such as Fiddler which show you all the HTTP Requests sent by your browser. There you can look at the request to /dynaTraceMonitor and explore the HTTP POST BODY


Perfect! Thanks Andi really appreciate it!