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UEM injection when server license expires


If a server license expires but the ‘Capturing’ slider remains set to auto-inject – do we continue to inject the .js reference OR does injection stop the moment a license expires AND what does the agent do with an incoming /dynaTraceMonitor request in this scenario? Note – the expiration is date-expire and not based on hitting the max UEM visits for the license.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Thanks Greg for this interesting question! I'll discuss it with @Dominik Punz and we'll reply as soon he is back from his vacation.

To me the expected behavior for this scenario should look like this:

  • The auto-injection should stop if the web server agent has no valid license
  • Server side tagging will stop too (or end up in not correlated PurePath), because the web server tier won't pass the tag to any instrumented backend systems
  • incoming UEM JavaScript signals and all UEM metrics will still be processed, if there are still UEM visits available

Would you agree to that expected behavior?


Kurt - regarding your third bullet "UEM visits available..." in the 6.2 documentation
on p.378 under Performance notes:

“Caching: Since the JavaScript agent as well as the bootstrap agent are
cached for about a week
, there is a
possibility that the latter will load the JavaScript agent with outdated settings. In this case, the
first page load will be tracked using the old settings. A beacon is sent and in response, the
app/webserver agent provides new configurations which are then stored in the browser's local
storage. Upon next page load, these settings are loaded and the bootstrap agent is capable
of creating an updated JavaScript agent tag.”

Can you confirm the JavaScript Agent will be
cached in the browser for only 7days?

Hi Greg,

I am afraid I am the wrong person, which is able to answer on this level of detail. Our whole lab in Austria is more or less on Christmas vacation.
@Dominik Punz is back from his vacation on January 4th. I'll forward him your request, so that he can answer it asap after his return.


Hi Greg. Seems you also asked the same question via email. Lets keep this to one communication channel -> I opt for the forum as others will benefit from the answers as well. Here is the answer I gave you via email:


Most of us are out over xmas and new years. I
am not the expert in this but – here is what I would do: The easiest way to
verify the current cache setting is by opening your browser and hit F12 -> that
will open the devtools in chrome. You can check the expiration headers that are
set on the JavaScript agent. This would be the default setting we have.


Yes Greg, the JS agent will be cached for only 7 days.