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UEM javascript error


We are seeing the following error being generated by the dynatrace script for users running one of our external applications from iOS devices with Safari in Private mode.

[Error] QuotaExceededError: DOM Exception 22: An attempt was made to add something to storage that exceeded the quota.

setItem (dtagent61_jn_8154.js, line 70)

(anonymous function) (dtagent61_jn_8154.js, line 70)

Cb (dtagent61_jn_8154.js, line 24)

vb (dtagent61_jn_8154.js, line 24)

ub (dtagent61_jn_8154.js, line 21)

Hb (dtagent61_jn_8154.js, line 28)

Gb (dtagent61_jn_8154.js, line 28)

Pb (dtagent61_jn_8154.js, line 33)

xd (dtagent61_jn_8154.js, line 61)

wd (dtagent61_jn_8154.js, line 61)

Ad (dtagent61_jn_8154.js, line 61)


There is a known issue with attempting to utilize local or session storage in Safari when it is in Private mode, and the dynatrace javascript is attempting to do so. Here is the code that is causing an exception. Safari in private mode actually does have a valid value for window.sessionStorage, so it will not be undefined. The issue is that the storage quota is 0, and is exceeded regardless of what you attempt to write in that scenario. The first highlighted code is the incomplete check for session storage capability. The second highlighted line is what is throwing the javascript exception.

$.asl(function() {

var a = $.gC("dtCookie");

if ("undefined" != typeof window.sessionStorage) {

var b = window.sessionStorage.dtCookie;

if ("undefined" != typeof b && ("" != b && "null" != b) && a != b) {

var c;

if (c = b) {

var d = c.indexOf("|");

- 1 != d && (c = c.substring(0, d))


"undefined" != typeof a && a != l && "" != a ? a && c && (b = a.indexOf("|"), a =- 1 != b ? c + a.substring(b) : c) : a = b


a != l && ($.dC("dtCookie"), $.sC("dtCookie", a), window.sessionStorage.setItem("dtCookie", a))



This javascript error is displayed to our end users through our error checking in IA. Without going through all of the code, I don’t know how many other instances there are that present the possibility of this occurring.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem or know how to resolve it?


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Jeff,

thanks for reporting that issue. I was not aware of the fact that browsers might set the quota to 0 in private mode. We will take a look at our code and fix that as soon as possible.

In order to get a fix to you soon, please also create a support ticket so that we know which Dynatrace version you are using, etc.

Edit: This has already been fixed in Dynatrace 6.2.

Best regards,


Hi Dominik, Can you help me on this question?