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UEM license for a system profile level



Is it possible to chart or get UEM license for a system profile level instead of just seeing complete UEM and Consumption from server settings?




Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Rajanikanth,
One option that comes to mind is to just chart the amount of visits in that particular system profile. You could create a custom vist count chart with a threshold of whatever your license count or limit would be. This would allow you to have a per system profile view. Hope this helps.


This would not deliver a correct result in regards to licensing. Longer Vists cost multiple licenses, you would have to add that, and you have to factor in the bounce rate and substract those visits.

Hi Patrick,

So is there a way to achieve this?

No I don't know of a integrated way to chart Visit license consumption by System profile.

There should be an internal measure as you can make reservations per system profile, but I don't think its availible for charting.

Yes I know we can reserve volume per system profile basis but I am not finding a way to chart the available volume for a application.

Hi Nathan,

If I chart visit count for a system profile what is the license count or limit that I can use as threshold? or do you mean my whole UEM volume as threshold?