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UEM not working when going through two apache layers registered to two different profiles


We have a unique setup in our environment where an application leverages a shared apache instance with many proxypass configurations on it. They did this so the user always sees the 1 URL/DNS while the URI is actually spraying around to multiple configurations elsewhere.

The issue that has seemed to cause us is when the shared apache server is registered to DT 'Profile 1' and the secondary apache server that receives the proxy traffic is registered to DT 'Profile 2'.

When running in this setup two things do not seem to be working.

1. Application tagging is not working on purepaths - all purepaths fall into the 'default application' grouping even when the application definition is changed to '/'.

2. UEM will not work when set on the 2nd apache server. It seems to conflict with hitting the first apache server and refuses to perform the injection. Using the UEM test tool - it complains that the agent is not registered to this profile.

I am wondering if anyone has faced this type of issue before or if anyone has any ideas to solve it?

The only thing I can come up with is to:

1. Register the first apache server to this profile. However, this is not an option as 'Profile 2' is secure and cannot take on the purepaths from the first apache server which is shared.

2. Tell the application that if they want this to work, users must hit the applications apache servers directly without using a proxy frontend.

Thank you


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


the UEM configuration is profile specific so having 2 agents in 2 different profiles will be an issue.

The same applies to applications. Purepaths cannot span across profiles anyway.

So in your instance, I would consider not having an agent on the proxy to see if all purepaths are categorized correctly (application) and that UEM works.

If it works (as it should), you might have to put the 2 apache instances in the

same profile to see what happens with UEM.