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UEM using internal CDN (Varnish)

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro



I am at a large French retailer using dT with UEM.

They have a component called Varnish which is an internal CDN.


See the attached diagram. When a user requests a page it requests it from Varnish. If Varnish has it in cache it returns it immediately.

If not, it forwards the request to an IIS to retrieve the content.

Because it is not a real user making the request to IIS the UEM component does not see it as a user and thus we do not have user action purepaths.
However the javascript agent is loaded (we do see third party components).


Does anybody have experience with such a setup? Is UEM still possible?


Thanks for your help!


Kind regards,




Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Hi. I think you just need to make sure that Varnish is forwarding our HTTP Headers and Cookies. That should then allow us to see these requests as part of the User Action


We have a similar issue with Varnish. Without a full coverage, the html page may not have dtagent.js script. That why we have some kind of page with full hitratio varnish, we have more chance of not having UEM Metric. because of the lack of script dtagent.js.

Do you have a workaround ?



Hello @Andreas G. I know this is an old thread but we are trying to make it work.

We configure the varnish following this link

but we haven't yet managed to make UE work. we can see the de dtAgent and the dynaTraceMonitor also all the cookies are available.this is our site the attached file for the varnish modification.Any help would be appreciated!!.-

i didin´t said that we have six node for this infrastructure, only three of them have appmon dynatrace classic agent 7.1 installed.