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UEM which one has the correct information


I like to show the load time influence from third party tags such as Google Tags.

I created the measure "Google Busy Time" and here is how I configured the measure.


and then I charted it in the dashboard and the average load time is about 1.5 seconds. See the chart in the dashboard


To verify whether the information is right. I also created another BT "Third party content load time split by
Third Party Hosts". Here is how I configured it


Then here is its data in fat client


The average
of load time of Google domains in the BT is much higher than 1.5
seconds shown in measure Google Busy Time for the same time period.

Why is there huge difference? Which one has accurate information representing the load time of Google
tags? I am hoping that the BT data is accurate so that I don't need to
create individual measure for each tag domain if I like to know the load
time influence from all domains such as facebook, monetate, and etc.

Thank you,



Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Busy time and third party content load time are not equivalent measures.Busy time is going to be looking at user actions and looking at how much time content from that host was being loaded so multiple items will not overlap (e.g. 3 items from Google where 2 took 1 second and 1 took 5 seconds - the busy time will be 5 seconds).

What 'duration type' is used in the business transaction you created for load time? In addition to busy time there are three other options - if it is anything other than busy time as well it probably won't be comparable. Review the below link for details, especially the section on "Third Party Content Analysis Measures."


Thanks for your quick response James!

In my BT, the duration type is "Busy Time". See below


In my measure, the duration type is "Busy Time" as well. See below


Both measure the busy time of third party content load time. I'm not sure why they show different values.



Does anyone have explanation on this?

Thank you!

If you look at the actual measure at the far right edge of the table does that show a different metric? My guess is that avg time may be looking at User action duration instead of the specific measure you want to calculate.