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UI inconsistency about instrumentation


I am using dynaTrace 5.6.

I had to instrument a method and didn't realize that it was a native one. So I right-clicked on the method name from the purepath tree and chose "Create Measure". This brought dynaTrace to instrument that method by putting a sensor on it:

The method above is native. And when I manually search dynaTrace for that method I see dynaTrace knows that method is native. However, if you create a measure based on that native method the process brings dynaTrace to create a sensor for that native method.

Technically speaking, this UI behavior is inconsistent as dynaTrace doesn't allow instrumentation of any native method.

Is this still happening with dynaTrace 6.x, please? If so, do you plan to get it fixed, please?

Thank you,




Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Hi Daniele

That is a good catch. I entered an internal bug for this: JLT-114231