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URI name aggregation


I made a BT that lists the top 50 URIs for a given application. The URIs are the splitting:

In the example above I got a '/Contact-us' and a '/contact-us' which are basically the same URI viewed from Customer's perspective.

Is there anyway to have the dashlet work in case-insensitive mode so that in the end I get one entry only for that URI, please? 

Thank you,



Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

In your Web Request URI Pattern Measure that you use as a split measure select "lowercase string" in the Evaluation Drop down box. That should work

Hi Andi,

I think I didn't explain well. From the picture below you can see there are two lines (that is, '/Contact-us' with 30 counts and '/contact-us' with 27 counts) referring to the same URI. This is because the first character is uppercase in one string and lowercase in the other..

I would like to see just one line that is the aggregation of the two. The URI can be either '/Contact-us' or 'contact-us but in the end the count has to be the sum of the two (30+27=57), the User Action Response time must be the average of both, and so on.

I checked the Web Request - URI Pattern Value business transaction that I can use for splitting and you can only choose if you want the matching to be case sensitive. It doesn't let you define how the values will be shown which is where the challenge is, instead.


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

I understood you correctly - BUT - I was not referring to the "Match" option. The Web Request - URI Pattern Value also has an "Evaluation" drop down box. That is the setting the defines how this value should be returned by this measure. There you will find the option of lowercase string. This will then make sure that for every purepath this measure will return a lowercase string. This means that /Contact-us becomes /contact-us and therefore will "merge" into the original "contact-us": lowercaseEvaluation.PNG

@Andreas G.,

How will I aggregate the something like the attached image into below


I had created BT using Web Requests- URI Pattern Value for this. I have read other responses but I was not able to decode how can i get them into 1 single row under web requests Table.