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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Unable to filter by applications


I have maintained the application in my system profile and able to see the "applications" columns mapped according to what I have maintained in purepaths. But when I want to filter the purepaths view with application, SOMETIMES I'm not able to see my applications in the "Selected" area, I only able to select "All Available" or "Pattern".

But sometimes the "Selected" area is populated with the maintained applications name. I have no idea how to get the list populated. please advise.


Hi Chee,

In order to select the applications for the purepath filter you need to select the Radio button Selected, then it will display the list of the applications available for you to select. once you are done with the selection Apply and Click OK.

The filter which you have applied for the purepath dashlet will not be permanent as you have applied on the default dashboard on the AppMon. So you need to save this dashboard/dashlet on the appmon server with naming convention you prefer.

Below snapshot shows the Selected area is out of the grey shaded and enabled the options to select the application I'm looking for. It has User defined and Default applications(detected by appmon)

Note: If you are looking for the purepath, you have to make sure you are under the same system profile on which you have configured the applications.

if you have followed every thing as aforementioned, then paste the snapshot of the System profile --> Applications settings and as well the Purepath filter --> Application one. Though the application are auto detected by appmon or the user defined both will be displayed for you to select in the purepath filter.