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Unable to get Failure percent for Business Transaction


Hi I have created a measure using Business Transaction Evaluation/Filter/Splitting Values then Web Services -Method Value. Then I've created a Business Transaction from that measure. This gives me the correct count but I can not get failed % of Incident Alerts.

Please let me know if you have any advice.

Thank You


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


Do you have checked the "Failure rates" in Calculate Results?

With that checked you should get the failure rate for your BT

Best Regards

Yes, I have that checked but I dont see any failures (even when I know i am invoking what should be a failure). But thanks for the suggestion.

You don't see any information or you see 0%?

I see 0%.

So if you see 0% this means that the Purepaths are not consider as failed Purepath. So if you go to the Purepaths related to the BT, it will show with a green light on the left row, all the Purepaths are consideer sucessfull.

The failure rate will appear when the Purepaths appear with a red light. So what you will need is to modify the conditions to consider a Purepath as a failed one.

For example: maybe for your use case you need to consider 404 as a failure. Then you have to go to System Profile > Error detection and adapt the rules to consider a 404 as an error.

For HTTP 4xx response and response on Transaction Entry I have checked 'count as error mark as transaction as failed'. I am still seeing failure as 0%. Is that what you were referring to?

Yes that is what I mean. Check the rules values in here so how you can select a transaction as a failure

Also, again, after changing the configuration, verify if you are receiving any Purepaths with a 4xx HTTP code returned and marked as a failed transaction.

For example:
This PP is marked as a failed transaction

So if you do a drilldown to BussinesTransactions (where this PP appears), it will show a 100% of error (as we are just selecting one PP, this is the 100% of the BT Purepaths analyzed)


Hi so I have done what you recommended and I still see 0% failed. Thank you for your help!