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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Unable to get appropriate purepaths and sensed methods.


Hi Team,

The sensor placed methods are greyed out and tagged under same type of purepath. Earlier we were able to get data in the methods and were tagged to appropriate purepaths.

Before application restart:-
The purepath used to start with /IMPSServices. We had placed sensors on different methods and were able to get appropriate data in the methods which were tagged to appropriate purepaths(refer Image1).

After application restart:-
Currently we are getting only one type of purepath (InvokerTube$2.invoke(Packet p, Method m, Object[] args)) and all the methods sensed are tagged under this purepath though we are unable to get any data as the sensed methods are now seen to be greyed out. We have checked the placed methods and they are intact, no changes done to them (checked in system logs as well). Also no changes are done in the application(refer Image2).

Please guide us to get the appropriate data.


Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

Hi Amruta,

If the methods are greyed out, that means they are being picked up by autosensors. The traffic in both screenshots looks completely different, without seeing the purepaths. Have you opened the "Agents Overview" and verified the agents you need connected successfully after restart? Are there any new agent tiers, such as a webserver, that may have become the new starting point? Have you also verified you're getting the traffic you need through the App in question?



Hi Cody,

We have checked in the Agents Overview, the agent required is properly connected. There is no change in the transaction flow, that is no new agent tiers were added or modified.

The connected agent is same as the agent which was connected before application restart, also arguments added for connection are intact. Only one app agent is connected to the application system profile having issue so traffic is expected from the same agent.

Please suggest.




Hi Cody,

We have found that one more dynatrace folder is created after
the last application restart in the server's tmp folder and all the logs are
being written at location /tmp/dynaTrace/logs/..

When checked the last
modified date of this folder, its same as the application restart date. The
dynatrace folder in opt folder is untouched.