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Unable to see resource utilization for Tom Cat server having JAVA agents are installed and healthy


We have 2 java agents, each installed on our application 2 Tom cat servers. For one server we have the agents behaving as expected. However, for other server we are facing issues in seeing resource utilization charts during time frame when application is under test . Agents have been restarted but no positive outcome. Agent with issue has Ok health and mapped to the correct agent group. Can someone help us on this please ?



Can you provide some additional details on your environment? What Tomcat and Java Versions (including update version) are you running? Also what OS/Kernel version? What version/update of Application Monitoring? Exactly which metrics are you not able to see?

Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Can you look at the agent log files for both agents and see if the one that has the issue logs any errors?