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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Unable to see web request count and respond time based on URI


Hi Dynatrace experts 🙂

I created a simple dashboard that contain hourly count of web request, average respond time and 95th percentile respond time in my production environment.

When I copied the dashboard over to the test environment, I do not see any measurement even after changing the source. The web requests shows that there are several different web requests. When I looked at
the measure splitting, I can only see the first split, not the last part
of the split.

Did I change the measurement? Please advise.






When you copied over the dashboard to the test environment, did you also copy the measure?

-- Graeme

Hi Graeme,

Thank you so much for the reply.

The measure are build-in measure. I cross-checked them in both environments, they are identical.



Hi Ronald

In the screenshot you show you select a BT called "Web PAge Reuqests by URI - Copy". This seams to be a copy of the Out-of-the-box BT but not the real Out-of-the-Box BT. Could you double check?

Hi Andreras,

Thanks for the reply. Yes, this is a copy of out-of-the-box BT. I was trying to see what was the difference between the production environment and test environment BT. The fact is that they are identical except I could not find any measure in the test environment.