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Unable to use SQL Server Monitoring Plugin


I have installed SQL server monitoring plugin for my DynaTrace 5.5 but I am unable to use that plugin. I can't create anjy monitors for the same. Please suggest me what should be done. I need to monitor SQL Server Database using this plugin.



Are there any more details you can share on this? I would suggest you follow these steps again (obtained from the SQLServer Monitoring Plugin page)


1) (optional - only if your SQL Server Instance doesnt use the default name) Edit the plugin.xml file contained in the downloaded zip/jar in order to change the default instance name for SQLServer to your default SQLServer instance name. The default instance name that is used is SQLServer. In case your default instance name is different you can replace every occurance with your instance name. This change is not mandatory as it can also be changed later in the dynaTrace Client. It is however more convenient to change it in the file because there are many instances it need to be changed. 2
2) Open the Server Preferences dialog and open the Plugins tab
3) Choose "Import Plugin..." and select the downloaded (or modified) zip/jar file 
4) Verify that the plugin was correctly installed. Verify that the plugin "Sql Server Performance Monitor" shows up in the list of installed plugins 

In order to subscribe to Sql Server Performance Measures you have to: 
1) Edit your System Profile 
2) Add a new Monitor 
3) Select "Windows Performance Monitor" 
4) Specify "Sql Server Performance Monitor" as the monitors name (This is important if you also want to use the Sql Server Dashboard that is attached to this plugin) 
5) Specify the hostname of SQL Server in the monitor properties 
6) View a list of all Measures that you now have subscribed. You can view and modify the list on the Measures tab

Note: Credentials are not required to be entered into the plugin itself. The plugin runs on a dynaTrace Collector, and the credentials which are executing the selected dynaTrace Collector need to have permission to query SQLServer PerfMon metrics from the SQLServer machine being speciifed in the Plugin.

For troubleshooting advice concerning querying Windows Performance Counters in dynaTrace, see the following pages:


You can also try reinstalling the plugin to see if that helps. 




Hi, I have a service account which has the access to start and stop dynatrace collector and server on the PSM server(it is a different machine). The database server is on a different machine and SQL server is connected using SQL server authentication and not windows authentication. I am not able to configure my plugin in this case. Can someone help me in doing it.