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Understanding times


I'm trying to understand Dynatrace vocabulary:

What is the link betwee thread status and purepath details.

Here what I understood about thread status and purepath breakdown detail :

Code sampleThread statuspurepath breakdown detail
Thread.sleep()time waitingwait
Thread doing somethingRunnablecpu
Thread waiting on synchronizedBlockedsync
Thread waiting another threadWaitingwait


After on Breakdown detail, the difference between xx Total and xx is that xx is just at method level while xx total is at method + called method.

For instance :

  • Exec total = exec time in the method and called methods
  • Exec = exec time just in this method without called methods

Right ?

Here the list of indicators shown by dynatrace:

  • Exec, CPU, Sync, Wait, Suspension
  • and the same with Total, exec Total, CPU totla, Sync total...

What is the link between them ?

it seems that Exec = CPU + Sync

Could you indicate all the business rules ?

Furthermore, Exec Total sum just exec spent in the same Thread, is it a global rule for all Total counter ?

Do you have some input to understand better this ?








Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

have you looked at this posting? Understanding Purepath Breakdown

This link doesn't works.

Hi Andreas, sorry for the delay.

I 've looked this other topic but i doesn't answer to my questions.

Well here some definition could you correct me ?

  • Exec: time of execution. it is the sum of CPU + Sync
  • CPU: time of processing
  • Sync: time spent blocked by a lock (synchronization method)
  • Wait: time spend in sleeping
  • Suspension: time spent in GC.
  • IO =  exec time - cpu -Sync - wait

Right ?




Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Correct. Exec Time can however be defined in an easier way. It is the difference between entering and leaving a method. So - it is The Total Time this method takes to execute. And that of course includes time spent on CPU, I/O, Sync, Wait, ...

But other than that you are spot on

Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Hi Andi,

quick question what measures are used in measuring these? if I wanted to say have alerts on if either of these went above a certain threshold compared to the others how could I alert and monitor this? 



Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

There are Measures such as PurePath CPU Time, PurePath Suspension or Method Wait, Method Sync time. You can use these types of measures for your alerting


That's the way I did understand it, too. But I don't know about the rules.

The PurePaths view shows "I/O" which seems to be Duration - (cpu + wait + sync + suspend).