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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Unexpected BT output

Hello Community,

I made a BT that looks like the following:

The first filtering measure is like the following :

while the second filtering measure looks like the following :

Finally, the splitting measure looks like teh following :

The output should contain only all those URIs that start with /Mobility/Products/ and that don't contain any references to either iPhone4 or iPhone5. Instead I get more than this:

Of course, the list of unexpected values is longer that you can see above. I also tried to exclude the unexpected values by means of the dashlet filter (Business Transaction tab) without success. I am using dynaTrace 5.6. What am I wrong at, please?

Thank you,



Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Hi. I think the problem is the "Evaluation" definition of your measures. Instead of "string value" try "occurence". Then the measure returns either 0 or 1 - indicating whether your expected string actually occurs. In the moment the measure returns a string and not a number

So - please change it and give it a try


I made the changes and now my measures look like the following:

The output is still showing unwanted information:

Thank you,



The splitting measure in a BT acts as a filter on top of doing the split. You should be able to move your custom "/Mobility/Products" measure (which is a URI Pattern Value measure) from the "Filter" to the "Split Results" section. This is sufficient to filter URIs that start with "/Mobility/Products".

Since the "/Mobility/Products" pattern match will already ensure that the URI starts with "/Mobility/Products", you do not need this condition again in the iPhone filter regex. It is sufficient to exclude all URIs that are iPhone-related in this filter.

Overall, one way to create the desired BT is as follows:

- in the BT filters, have one measure that excludes URIs that end with the iPhone suffixes

- in the BT split measures, have one measure that splits by URI Pattern Value that match "/Mobility/Products"

Alternatively, to solve the problem, replace "URI Pattern Value" in the split results section of the BT you currently have with the built-in measure "Complete URI Path".





I updated the BT as you suggested and had it run for more than one day. The new BT had just one filter and a splitting measure configured as per your input :

The result was an empty list. So yesterday I changed the BT so that it now the filtering measure "URI Pattern Value - Not an iPhone filter" looks like the following :

It basically matches everything that is not /Mobility/Products/Apple-iPhone and that starts with /Mobility/Products/. The splitting measure is now back to the "URI Pattern Value" template because all that doesn't start with /Mobility/Products/ is removed by the filter.

This morning, I found the output is like the following:

So it is still including unwanted output. I changed the evaluation of the filtering measure to "occurrence" and gave dynaTrace time to store data according to the new evaluation. I then checked the output and noticed that I still get a list of values like the one above.





It is a bit difficult to analyse this without access to the system profile and the underlying data. It is probably more efficient if you open a support ticket and attach a session with a selection of PurePaths that should match the filters and some that don't. The session will contain the system profile, we can then re-run the analysis, and find out what is wrong.


Thanks Markus, I will do it,