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Unix Monitor - Individual CPU stats



I am running multiple monitors to get individual CPU sys and usr time using the Unix Montior plug in

However the individual stats that are retrieved are the same across all 8 individual CPU's

Screenshots of the monitors and the configuration of one of them is below, showing the define CPU number

Unix OS - HPUX11i

Logs are not showing anything of use here, plugin hasn't actually recorded any logs for a few days.

Has anyone had a similar issue with this plugin in on HPUX? Any advice or tips would be appreciated




Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Steven,

based on your comment of

"plugin hasn't actually recorded any logs for a few days"

Have you seen that all monitors that have CPU in the name are in the paused state?

Plus, how are you differentiating the CPU that you will get the metrics between each monitor!?



Yes I suspended them before I took the screen shot (as they are gathering nothing of use) but you can see that the monitor had ran that day.... 03:38am... so I would expect something in the logs. Monitor completed successfully just the data was no good for the CPU sys and usr time.

If you look at the second screenshot the customize measurements is checked and the CPU number is defined, as described in the plug in documentation. It uses the sar command and then defines the CPU number based on that string.