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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Usage of Calculation Rate measure



I have two BTs

A - Capturing all (Success + Failure) purepath of a transaction

and B - Capturing all purepath of Failed transaction.

I want to find Percentage of Failed Transaction i.e. B/A %

Can anyone suggest how to do this? is it possible to do it using Calculation Rate measure?


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

The "A" BT should have a results measure named "Failed Transaction Percentage", which is included by default if you do not uncheck the "Failure Rates" flag under "Calculate Results" for the BT. Would that measure not work in this case, and allow you to avoid needing a calculation?



Hi Dave,

When I mean Failure Transaction, I mean only technical failure. For eg. In Login Transaction if user enters invalid password application throws HTTP Status - 404, Hence it will be counted under Failed Transaction Percentage which I don't want. In BT - B, I have captured only technical failure like time out or application not active etc.

So was trying to use Rate measure. Kindly Suggest.


I have the same question and am not totally clear whether a Rate Measure could be utilized... As pointed out in the 1st reply you could obtain a failure rate by using the Failed Transaction Percentage, but that means that your notion of failure has to match the globally configured rules of failure detection in AppMon... At any rate, my understanding is that you could create a rate measure to obtain the % of transactions that failed but that this measure could then only be shown visually and not alerted on... I have not been able, unfortunately, to locate any clear documentation as to how to configure rate measures (and what their limitations are)... if anyone can point me to the documentation that would explain what a Rate Measure is and how it relates to a "Base" and "Fractional" measure that would be very helpful.

I've never seen any documentation on it. Here's what I've gathered over time:

  • Base measure is the denominator in a fraction
  • Fraction measure is the numerator
  • No 'new' measure is configured when you create a rate measure - it takes the values from the two above noted measures and calculates it on display which has two effects:
    • You can chart historical data from before you created this rate measure as long as the two measures you're using were created previously
    • Since no measure actually exists for the rate measure AppMon cannot alert on these rate measures only display them in dashboards

Hopefully that helps a bit,


Thank you James... very useful information!