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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

User Action size allways zero on hybrid application

We have a hybrid application which is available as web-application for browsers, but also as packaged Android and IOS app.

We activated UEM the regular way, but since the packaged application did not load it's html from the webserver, the dtagent script was not injected automatically. Meanwhile that's fixed since we now also packaged the dtagent script inside the app using manual injection.

Using the ADK, we also defined custom user actions based on technical function names in stead of using the default dtagent behavior. The technical names are better than labels since in BT's measures don't need to take care of the language of the app.

That said, we see an important difference between visits coming from the packaged app and via the browser. Via the packaged app all purepaths are in between the user actions as "7 web requests" for example, in stead of being part of the user action.

Via the browser, it is done correctly.

Maybe important to mention. We upgraded the server to 6.2, so the dtagent.js which is injected in the browser is for 6.2, while the packaged version is still 6.1. We were assuming that the script would be backwards compatible. Which is also required since the production server is also still 6.1.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Bert,

thanks for posting this question. This behaviour sounds like we should take a closer look. Can you please create a support ticket with the same description and attach as much information as possible?

E.g. session file with visits from the app and from the browser, the Android mobile app, ...?