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User Actions Not coming in a correct system profile


Hi All ,

We have different TEST environment and we tried setting up UEM for native ADK in all.

Installed a webserver primary and a secondary agent with different instances for each environment in a windows server and configured a website with native modules for each environment separately.

Configured the dynaTraceMonitor URL to the application config of the native ADK.

Application is added in the applications tab aswell.

But the purepath and the user actions is not coming to the correct and newly created system profile.

we are able to see the purepath and the other user actions in one of the old system profile.

Anyone faced similar kind of issue ?

We are using Dynatrace 6.5.



Are you sure your (Webserver) Agents are mapping to the correct system profile? You can check that in the Agent Overview.

Hi ,

Yes its connected to the correct system profile

If possible could you post some screenshots of the mapped agent, including as much detail as you can plus some user actions and purepaths with the entry point displayed. If it as you describe a support case would probably be the best route.