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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

User Actions

Hi All,

Created a web dashboard on user action by apdex. percent.pngI need to change Y.axis name Percent instead of percentage .


Can you please help how i will get a option for changing a name.




Hi Hema,

Currently there is no option available to edit the Y-axis name as Percentage, while you are on Stacked Percentage bar,

But there is an option if you want to see the Y-axis name as Percentage

1) Select the Chart Type as Stacked area - by default which will give you the axis name as Percentage


2) Select the Chart type as Dual Axis bar/line, which will enable you an option called Left y-axis name and name it as Percentage as shown below, the result would be what you are looking for.


Ravi Kumar