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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

User Experience Module


On a couple of our Dynatrace Profiles we are seeing through the client the known issue " Instrumentation is not available". Seen a few articles on this topic still not sure about the best course of action. Although this seem to be affecting one Agent group (not others) and we are able to see fine purepaths transactions, we are unable to see any UEM related data such as Concurrent Users. We know UEM is enabled just not able to capture user related data. Although we have 3 different profiles experiencing this same scenario, on one Profile we are able to see UEM related data despite the error. On the other two Profiles we cannot see UEM data we see on the logs "

Exception while connecting to Server/Collector xxxxxxxxx, info:<receiveExact() ... not connected, 730060, Connection timed out". Does this indicate an issue with the collector, we never had to make changes related timeout values, will this something we may need to explore? Thanks



Hi Juan,

you may only miss a small thing, however from the information you provide, it cannot be completely judged, what is causing the issues.

I highly encourage you to open a support ticket, where one of our competent support employee will pick this up (

. Make sure to include a support archive in the ticket, so my colleagues can deep dive in your configuration and find the issue. You can create support archives using this approach:

Best regards



Thank you for your response, I went ahead opening a support ticket.