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User Experience Monitoring with Applicaton on JBoss



I have the following situation:

I have an application written in GWT which is deployed on JBoss 7.1.

I have managed to setup "Web request performance" monitoring but not "End user performance" monitoring.

How can I setup "End user performance" monitoring for my application which is deployed on JBoss.








Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Hi Ingo

Typcially we have customers that install the dynaTrace Web Server Agent on Apache or IIS. Adding these tiers will automatically enable User Experience Management. In your case - if you just have JBoss but no Web Server infront you can leverage the fact that dynaTrace also supports UEM for Java-Only Apps as well.

Here are the steps to enable it

#1: Go to your System Profile

#2: Expand the Configuration Panel for your Java Tier

#3: Click on "Sensor Configuration"

#4: Change the "Capture" column for the User Experience Sensor pack from inactive to active

#5: Close your System Profile and you should be ready to go

From now on - every web page that is delivered by your JBoss will automatically get the JavaScript Agent injected. The JavaScript Agent will then collect data in your browser and send it back to your JBoss.

You may also want to check out the following page that contains a list of useful links for UEM: Dynatrace for User Experience


I followed the steps outlined here and I can see that dt javascript agent is being injected in the browser.  But when I open up the dt tag it indicates a 404 when trying to access my server, any ideas on how to resolve this issue.  Please see image below for details.


[Broken image]

Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader


Unfortunately the image seems to be broken that you uploaded. But - I think I know what error you are talking about. Dynatrace is automatically injected the java script agent - dtagent.js - using the root path of your url, e.g: In many configurations it is not allowed to deploye javascript files on the root URL. Typically you have a certain path where you provide your javascript files, e.G: If that is the case for you as well you can configure that Java Agent String Path in the UEM Settings in your System Profile. You can specify any URL Pattern that works for your web server. The same is true for the "Monitoring Signal" path. That is the PATH our javascript agent uses to send back data via XHR to your web server. Here you can also specify a custom path that works for your Web Server Configuration.

Hope this makes sense and you get it to work. Just figure out which paths are allowed by your webserver to deliver JS files and paths that are allowed to accept HTTP POSTS - then configure dynatrace to use these allowed paths