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User Satisfaction Tile Counts Vs Visit Count


Does anyone know where the User Satisfaction Tile pulls data from? I have it in a web dashboard alongside some other metrics one of which is from the built-in business transaction visit count. The visit count number is always lower than the counts in the user satisfaction tile and I would like to understand this difference.




Hello Jason,

When we talk about visit counts, it means all the completed visits regardless of the User Experience.

A visit is a group of user actions performed by the same user within a certain time period. It is created with the first user action and ends after the user is inactive for a specified period of time. This user inactivity time setting defaults to 30 minutes which you can modify as per your need. A visit ends after 8 hours or if they contain 1000 user actions. New user actions then create a new visit.

AppMon uses the term User Experience rather than Apdex. User experience analyzes how the performance is perceived by the application's users, and categorizes visits into satisfying, tolerating and frustrating, depending on the performance of user actions and errors.

Just have a look on the following link to understand about What is Apdex? What is the User Experience Index?

Also check the below post for the high level overview for the difference between apdex and User Experience Index.



Hi Babar,

Thank you for the detailed reply, there is a lot of good info in that. I'm still a bit unclear as to why the counts would be different. If the User Satisfaction Tile shows 100 satisfied, 100 tolerating, and 100 frustrated, shouldn't the cisit count be 300? In my case I would be seeing something like 240 for example.

Am I misunderstanding something about these?